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Cebu Doctors’ University’s PVL Building corner capsule laying ceremony

On a historic day that is destined to become an indelible part of its history, Cebu Doctors’ University (CDU) Mandaue celebrated a momentous occasion with the cornerstone laying ceremony for its upcoming PVL Building. This symbolic event, which unfolded on the memorable date of Monday, August 14, 2023, symbolizes a significant milestone in the institution’s ongoing journey of growth, collaboration, and advancement.

The PVL Building, an ambitious addition to the CDU campus, served as a magnificent backdrop for the cornerstone-laying ceremony. This towering 14-story edifice was dedicated to the revered memory of CDU’s esteemed founder, Dr. Potenciano V. Larrazabal, Jr.

Engr. Pericles “Ricky” P. Dakay, representing Dakay Construction and Development Corp., shared insights into the construction of the PVL Building, highlighting its cutting-edge and sustainable construction methods. He emphasized how this impressive multi-function building will serve as a strong foundation for CDU as it ventures into the future.

Dakay remarked, “Once the PVL Building is finished, it will undoubtedly hold immense significance not only for CDU and its students but for the entire community of Mandaue City.”

Dr. Philip Larrazabal, President of Cebu Doctors’ University, expressed immense pride in nurturing exceptional students who embody the university’s core vision. With the impending completion of the PVL Building, this commitment is set to attract even more students, enhancing the institution’s legacy of excellence and competence.

As the PVL Building nears completion, Cebu Doctors’ University continues to uphold its storied legacy while charting a path toward an even brighter and more promising future.



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