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Cebu Country Club is Cebu’s Premier Golf Club, and has been operating for 95 years already. As it’s nearing its 100th year, it has “taken a new course” for a new CCC that is modern, exclusive, and a world-class country club to provide a captivating experience for its esteemed members. A renovation is a comprehensive process that can bring new life to a facility, making it more functional, attractive, and in line with current design and safety standards. Cebu Country Club, Inc. is in this comprehensive process, planning to have its amenities upgraded to make them more contemporary and functional for its Members. “The mission of the Club is to provide wholesome family entertainment, quality food, and recreational services to the satisfaction of its Members, family, and guests.

Clubhouse Redevelopment

The Clubhouse will be redeveloped into a WORLD-CLASS two-story structure. Designed by Royal Pineda, the new CCC clubhouse promises to be an upgrade over the current bungalow-type design.

The ground floor will house the Club’s grand foyer, Proshop, lockers, operating areas, offices, kitchens, and restaurants, including the Veranda and Tavern, both of which will be expanded to accommodate a higher capacity. The second floor will boast the 500 pax-capacity ballroom (which is an upgrade from the current 250-capacity ballroom), function rooms, gym, game room, and a new café that will be the golf course.

Golf Course Renovation

The new CCC Golf Course will be re-designed to be a WORLD-CLASS golf course that provides the best playing experience to its esteemed members. Designed by Netforce, the new design addresses the issues of irrigation and drainage through a full irrigation system that ensures that the fairways will be covered. A herringbone-type drainage of at least 7,500 Im will also be installed to help in draining rainwater faster.

In addition, a bigger catchment lake will be placed to gather rainwater. This lake will also be interconnected with the other lakes on the course. Four sets of tees will also be installed per hole so that players can have more options to match their abilities.

Other Amenities

Other than the clubhouse and golf course, there are additional areas in the Club that are to be developed. The Club’s motor pool will be moved from its current location to a bigger location right across it to make way for the Driving Range. The Club is planning for a driving range that will be constructed in the area beside current Hole No. 7 and will at least have 10 bays for its players. To be situated right after the pool, the sports clubhouse will have additional parking areas, tennis courts, and multipurpose courts to cater to sports enthusiasts. A parking building connecting to the main clubhouse will be constructed to have additional parking slots.


The Club is targeting to start the renovation by the first quarter of 2024 and is estimated to run for 18-24 Months.



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