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Beat the Init with Chowking’s Halo-Halo Supreme

Manila, Philippines — As Filipinos often exclaim, “Tag-init nanaman!” In the Philippines, the transition from the cool season to the hot, dry one signals the beginning of summer—a season eagerly awaited by many who flock to beaches, bask in the sun, and seek comfort in cool, icy desserts. For most Filipinos, summer isn’t complete without Halo-Halo, the ultimate heat-beater. Kapag summer, hindi lang lamig ang hanap, kundi malamig na masarap!

Today, Halo-Halo has become a staple dessert across the country, enjoyed by Filipinos at any time of the day, whether with loved ones or alone, as a treat, or as part of any celebration.

Among Filipino favorites is Chowking’s Halo-Halo Supreme, offering a fully loaded assortment of Sangkap—from luscious leche flan to rich ube halaya, delightful red sago, pandan jelly, and the richest ube ice cream, alongside other delightful additions! To make the heat more bearable, Chowking presents its Halo-Halo Supreme in a new Salo-Salo Size, a generous serving meant to be shared by 4 to 6 people when dining in at Chowking’s branches—a perfect opportunity to bond with friends and loved ones. With its burst of flavors from the ingredients and the refreshing coolness from the ice, Chowking’s Halo-Halo Supreme is the perfect dessert to wrap up any meal, reminding us that the best is indeed saved for last!

But wait—there’s more to look forward to this upcoming summer season!

Experience a Lamig-Sarap Summer at Chowking’s Halo-Halo Land in partnership with select SM Supermalls. Check out the following SM outlets to treat yourself to an eye-popping, mouth-watering serving of Halo-Halo to beat the summer heat. Visit SM City Seaside Cebu on March 16, 2024 from 10AM to 10PM, and March 17, 2024 from 10AM to 9PM.

For a true Lamig-Sarap summer, grab your Chowking Halo-Halo Supreme now!



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