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Press Release

APCU Representative Urges Cebuanos to Stay Calm Amid West Philippine Sea Tensions

The Association for Philippines-China Understanding (APCU) representative, Peter Tiu Laviña, has urged every Cebuano to remain calm and neutral amid the ongoing tensions in the West Philippine Sea. During his recent visit to Cebu, Lavina emphasized the importance of fostering peace rather than instigating conflict.

Peter Tiu Laviña, Trustee and Executive Vice President at Association for Philippines-China Understanding APCU

Lavina’s visit to Cebu was part of his efforts to discuss the Awarding for Promoting Philippines-China Understanding (APPCU) at the Sacred Heart Center. The event aimed to recognize individuals and organizations that have significantly contributed to strengthening the relationship between the Philippines and China.

“We have been in trading business with China for several years before the Spaniards came to the Philippines. If China had plans to take over the Philippines, they would have done it several years ago, but that’s not what happened,” Lavina said. His statement was a reminder of the long-standing historical ties between the two nations.

The call for calm comes in the wake of recent social media videos showing Chinese navy boats spraying water cannons at Philippine Coast Guard ships. The footage has caused an uproar within the Filipino community, heightening tensions and sparking concerns about potential conflict.

Lavina encouraged Filipinos to understand the broader context of such territorial disputes, noting that these issues are common among neighboring countries. “Up to now, there are several countries having disputes over their territories, like the US and Canada,” he explained, emphasizing that territorial tensions are a regular occurrence worldwide.

During his address, Lavina highlighted the importance of diplomatic dialogue and understanding in resolving such conflicts. He stressed that escalating tensions and resorting to warlike rhetoric could only exacerbate the situation, urging the public to seek peaceful solutions.

The APCU continues to advocate for stronger bilateral relations between the Philippines and China, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation. Lavina’s visit and his call for peace are part of the organization’s broader mission to foster harmonious relations and prevent the escalation of conflicts.

As the situation in the West Philippine Sea remains a sensitive issue, Lavina’s message serves as a timely reminder of the need for calm, neutrality, and a focus on peaceful resolution.



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